The Swedish Print-makers' Association was founded in 1910 by a handful of young print-makers with the intention of furthering the interests of print-makers, arranging exhibitions and distributing information about fine-art print-making as an art form.
Today we number almost 450 members and strive continuously with the same ambitions. Our artists live throughout Sweden, and work in diverse artistic styles using all possible forms of print-making techniques. The Association has worked internationally from the very beginning, exhibiting in many countries, and arranging print exhibitions from abroad in Sweden.
The Swedish Print-makers' Association and Gallery are centrally situated at Nr 6 Hornsgatan in Stockholm. The gallery is presently run by Eva Cornéer and Britt Krestesen, competent and loyal members of staff who have been with us for over 20 years. A small section of the gallery is devoted to showing current exhibitions of Artists' Books. The house was built in 1761. In 1927 the ground floor became a Moorish coffee house and was decorated accordingly. When we moved here in 1996 the interior ceilings had been beautifully restored to the original 1920's Moorish décor.
Our association publishes a magazine with articles about print-making and exhibitions, often written by our active artist members. Björn Bredström, a print-maker himself, has been our enthusiastic editor for many years. The magazine, Grafiknytt, Print News, is sent to all of our active artist members and also to our group of loyal supportive members. For a small fee these supportive members also receive a yearly portfolio of prints at a greatly reduced price.
In Sweden we are fortunate in having a great number of collective print workshops, always founded and run by enthusiastic print-makers (often funded in part by local authorities), thereby providing our artists with print studios where they can exchange ideas and produce their own prints at a reasonable cost. We have always had an important network of contacts with other print-makers' collective workshops and print-makers' associations in Sweden and world-wide.
The Swedish Print-makers' Association proudly announces the celebration of its Centenary. The main feature is a grand exhibition of fine-art print-making. The exhibition opens on 26th October 2010 and finishes on 12th December 2010. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, will inaugurate the exhibition. The opening venue is at Konstakademien, the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine-Arts gallery at nr.12 Fredsgatan in central Stockholm. The exhibition will then travel to several different venues in Sweden during 2011.

The exhibition is divided into three categories:
1. HISTORISK ATERBLICK The history of our Association including a rich selection from the archives of our published editions throughout the years.
2. XIV GRAFIKTRIENNAL A jury-selected Swedish Print XIV Triennial open to all print-making artists throughout Sweden.
3. MEDLEMSUTSTALLNING An exhibition of prints from all of our members wishing to participate.
Whilst the main exhibition is at Konstakademien, the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine- Arts gallery at nr.12 Fredsgatan, we are showing Nordic print-makers in our own gallery at nr.6 Hornsgatan at these times:
27.10 – 07.11 Taidegraafikot, the Finnish Print-makers ' Association.
09.11 – 21.11 Íslenska Grafíkfélagid, the Icelandic Print-makers' Association.
23.11 – 05.12 Danske Grafikere, the Danish Print-makers'Association.
07.12 – 19.12 Norske Grafikere, the Norwegian Print-makers Association.
26.10 – 12.12 Triennial and Jubilee Exhibition at Konstakademien, the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts gallery at nr.12 Fredsgatan.