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Call for Applications to the 8th Splitgraphic 2017 is now open.
The 8th Splitgraphic will be organised in Split, from October to December 2017.
The 8th Splitgraphic Group Exhibition will be held in October 2017, in the venue of Old City Hall (People’s Square in Split), where selected artists’ works will be exhibited.
The curator of the 8th Splitgraphic 2017 is INGRID LEDENT, graphic artist and professor at the Royal Art Academy Antwerp in Belgium.
Call for Applications is international and open to all artists, as well as students of graphic art.
All graphic techniques are accepted. There is no size limit. Work should not be more than 3 (three) years old.
Each artist may apply with up to three (3) works.
The selection of works for the 8th Splitgraphic 2017 is organised in two (2) stages of selection.


The first stage application to the 8th Splitgraphic 2017 is free. The first stage is based on digital selection of works.
All works are to be sent in digital form to the following e-mail address:
with subject 8. SPLITGRAPHIC 2017

Digital reproductions of graphics should be 1200px wide, 72dpi resolution, in JPEG.
Please attach the application form to your e-mail, along with reproductions of works.
Application form should be filled legibly in BLOCK LETTERS: name, surname, address, e-mail, work titles, size of works, techniques and year of production.

Download the application form in .pdf for the 8th Splitgraphic HERE.
Deadline for 1st Stage application: 1st May 2017
1st Stage results will be announced: 1st June 2017
Artists will be notified about the results via e-mail.
Results will also be available on www.splitgraphic.hr in the NEWS section.

Selection for the 2nd Stage of participation in 8th Splitgraphic 2017 will be made from all the applied digital works accepted in the 1st Stage.
Selected works will be published and uploaded to Splitgraphic’s ONLINE GALLERY at www.splitgraphic.hr
Selected artists in the 2nd Stage whose works will be published in the ONLINE GALLERY will need to submit the application fee of €50.
Application fee for students is €30. Confirmation of student status should be attached to the application. Subsequent confirmation of student status will not be accepted.
Artists who do not submit the application fee before the deadline will not be published in the ONLINE GALLERY.
Application fee deadline: 1st June – 15th June 2017


From works selected in the 2nd stage and published in the ONLINE GALLERY, the curator will decide which works will be exhibited in the Group Exhibition of the 8th Splitgraphic 2017. Awards given at the 8th Splitgraphic will be chosen from selected works in the Group Exhibition. As in the former editions of Splitgraphic Biennial, each artist may vote and rate the work in the ONLINE GALLERY. Work with the most votes and the best rated will win the ARTISTS’ AWARD. You may vote by clicking on the stars below each work in the gallery.

Of the works published in the ONLINE GALLERY, certain artists will be required to send their works by post, if requested by the biennial curator. If the curator of the biennial selects artist’s works, then these works will be exhibited in the Group Exhibition of the 8th Splitgraphic Biennial 2017.

Each artist will be notified by e-mail about shipping his/her work and final selection for the Group exhibition.
Deadline for shipping works for the Group exhibition: 1st August 2017


Ansökan för att ställa ut på galleriet 2018

Senaste ansökningsdatum för utställning under 2018 är 21 oktober 2016. Det går bra att komma in på galleriet, Hornsgatan 6 (öppet ti-to12-18, fre-sö 12-16) eller skicka din ansökan med post, observera att din försändelse måste vara oss tillhanda senast 21 oktober 2016. Välkommen med din ansökan.
Läs mer om ansökan här (pdf)

Graphica Creativa 2016

14. International Print Triennial
October 7th, 2016 – January 1st, 2017

Graphica Creativa 2016 – a Present to the Past is an exhibition of 13 contemporary artists whose work has a direct connection with Art History either through the artists or the artwork. Art is a mirror unto itself by looking into the past and re-interpreting Art History using contemporary freedoms. The present is a present to the past. The artists shown in this exhibition are from France, the USA, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Finland. The exhibition includes prints, drawings, paintings, tapestries and 3-dimensional works. In addition to presenting contemporary art, this exhibition also provides an occasion to see prints of the great masters such as Goya, Dürer and Rembrandt, which are on loan from the collections of the Finnish National Gallery.

Artists: Torbjörn Damm, Dany Danino, Tom Huck , Catherine Keun, Jean Le Gac, Patrick Merrill, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Tomas Regan, Teemu Saukkonen, Kiki Smith, Hanna Vihriälä, Camilla Vuorenmaa, Dominik Wlodarek



In order to provide printmaking artists with an adequate and most of all international platform, Foundation KulturDialog Armenien initiated the “First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017” which will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, in November 2017 for the first time. The enthusiasm for printmaking is universal and we hope to give you as an artist active in this field of art new and interesting impulses and of course to offer you the possibility to present your work to a new audience. It is our intention to start an artistic and intercultural dialogue und to establish the contact between artists of all nationalities and to keep this contact alive.

Any professional artist or art student in his/her two final years of education using a traditional printmaking technique (engraving, etching, dry point, aquatint, mezzotint, soft ground, woodcut, linocut, lithography, offset lithography, silkscreen, collagraphy, monotype, etc.) is eligible to enter the “First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017”.

Please note:

• There is no thematic restriction
• There is no participation fee

The International Jury composed of outstanding professionals will select the artworks which meet the requirements of the “First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017”.




IEEB (International Experimental Engraving Biennial) initiates a new project:

The project is addressed to all visual artists interested in experimental engraving, in new printing techniques, in printmaking and multimedia, engraving-objects, engraving installation and so on. This online project represents an experimental printmaking artworks archive usefully for artists, art critics, curators.

Can be accessed on the International Experimental Engraving Biennial web page: www.experimentalproject.ro

Artists are invited to participate to this online project with a portfolio which should contain:
– Experimental printmaking works (maximum 20) JPEG format (RGB, maximum 1500×2000 pixels, maximum 200 dpi). Artists can also present video documentation (DVD)
– an updated CV (in Word)
– a recent photo (JPEG format)
– e-mail address
– personal web-page (according to each case)

The team of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial will analyze each portfolio and will select the artist and works that will have a presentation on our official web site.
All portfolios will be used exclusively to be posted on the International Experimental Engraving Biennial web site for the online project section.
There is no deadline for sending portofolios.
The participation to this online project is free.


Chhaap Foundation, Vadodara India offers residency to print makers for 1 month btn October to March.

Print makers from any where can apply who would like to spend quiet time to concentrate on their work and also willing to share their knowledge and experience with local artists can apply 6 months prior to their visit.
Check our website for further details :